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Dr Asa Andrew believes that our lifestyle is medicine. It really begins with how we think and then it goes directly to the foods that we choose each day. Ultimately our choices will help us win the battle against much of the lifestyle-related health challenges that we face today. 

Here we would like to provide you with some of our natural healthy recipes that we have developed for giving you healthy options for your daily lives. When it comes to preparation, it does not have to be difficult when it comes to eating healthier options. That is why Dr Asa wants to help you win when it comes to your eating and your choices. 

You can easily see our list of options to choose from which includes organic ingredients, and ways to combine traditional tasty spices to add the medicinal effect that can help you improve your overall health and longevity. The principles in our recipes are very simple and follow Dr Asa Andrew and his teaching of the anti-inflammatory diet where we always utilize equal amount of lean quality protein like chicken, fish, beef, or eggs. Low-glycemic carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, fish oil, and coconut oil.

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Ask Dr Asa and he will tell you. Just like his Granny taught him, “you are what you eat!” 

So lets dive into some of these anti-inflammatory diet recipes and get you on your way toward empowering your health.