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"Dr. Asa Andrew is a doctor but he's also a teacher. In my opinion, he is teaching a Common Sense approach to health that is critical to us living the healthy life we all deserve."
New York Times best-selling author and nationally
syndicated radio talk show host.

If we are to have any impact on the epidemic of diabetes and other chronic diseases in this country, we must all adopt a pro-active approach to healthy living. I have known Dr. Asa Andrew for years and see the passion he has to help empower people to make lasting changes."
John E. Anderson, M.D.
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Professional Member American Diabetes Association

"For 35 years I have practiced in some of the most prestigious clinics in the country. Dr. Asa has created an amazing system to evaluate one's health. Dr. Asa Andrew is educated in all areas of health, wellness, and medicine. He is a true change-agent for this generation."
Joe Morgan, DO
Director of Preventative Medicine

"I've known Dr. Asa Andrew for close to 20 years. Working together with the Florida State Seminoles Football Team, I saw his integrity, desire, and passion toward helping people. Dr. Asa has a unique ability to inspire others to be better, live better, and achieve a healthier life."
Dave Van Halanger
Hall of Fame Head Strength Coach, University of Georgia

"I've always said "Attitude is Everything." Dr. Asa Andrew has a super-fantastic attitude toward helping others live at a higher level. His focus on the mind and its affect on our health is right on target. He has been a close friend of mine for many years. He is truly a blessing to the lives of many."
Keith Harrell
Best- Selling Author, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker

"Dr. Asa Andrew has an incredible gift of compassion and communication with people. His comprehensive use of health care in looking at the whole person; body,mind, and spirit, is a true pathway toward healing for this generation.
Dr. David Cooper
Senior Pastor, Mt. Paran Church, Atlanta, GA